Cool ways to use traditional rugs

If you’ve condemned your rug to a boring, predictable life in the living room, you may be selling that traditional rug a bit short. Did you know that a treasured traditional carpet can find new elegance with a few adjustments to your decor? Although this rug is beautiful on its own, with its floral borders and deep, rich colors, you can put a twist on how you present it. Try these cool ways to use a traditional area rug.

Layer the rugs. Nothing gives a room a luxurious feel like layered rugs. Center a circular, shag rug in a complementary color atop your traditional rug. Lay a smaller rectangular-shaped rug in the center of the carpet, leaving only the borders of your original rug showing. There are no limits to how you can layer rugs for a brand-new look.

Rearrange the furniture. It’s natural to want to pile all the furniture on top of the rug but don’t! Instead, rearrange that furniture so the front legs are on the rug but the back legs are on the regular flooring. This gives the illusion of a larger carpet–and room!

Try faux fur. Unexpected and playful, animal-shaped faux fur will become a conversation piece if you place it on top of your traditional rug. Place a clear coffee table on top of the fur.
Bring in the rugs. Here’s another cool way to use these types of rugs–bring in two or more. Start with a large rug, then add smaller rugs in a similar color to the area. For example, if you have a large burgundy area rug in the dining room, keep the decor flow going with a burgundy runner in the hallway followed by a medium-sized rug in the adjoining room. This simple method creates continuity and leads the traffic flow through your home.

When it comes to decorating with tried and true traditional rugs, the possibilities are endless.